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Welcome to Summer Scribes

Welcome to summer_scribes! As it says in the community profile, this community is a sub-community of summerwrite, and is for the fantasy writers participating in 2008.

This community is closed off from people who aren't participating in summerwrite.

If you're writing fantasy of some sort and are participating in summerwrite, though, you are more than welcome to request membership, as it has to be approved by one of the moderators.

Aug. 26th, 2008

So, I've kind of been a bad mod. >.>

I totally forgot about this community for a long time. And now SummerWrite is so close to being over.

Is anyone from here going to participate in autumnwrite? If not, does anyone want to like...exchange IM names and/or writing journal/community names so that we can keep up with each others writing or something? o.O

I'm crazy enough to be participating in autumnwrite as well as NaNo. I'm sure I'll see some of you on the NaNo boards.

If anyone wants to do a little contact info exchange thing, let me know and I'll make a post with a form and stuff.

In the mean time, any ideas for what we want to do with this community, since it's mainly for summerwrite? o.O

New message board- Creative Muse Society


The Creative Muse Society is a group of writers of various ages and genres. Its main focus is on helping others with world building and design, plotting, and encouraging each other through our writing partner system.

Originally known as Inspired Writers, the Society is a new place where writers can get to know each other and strive towards similar creative goals. We hope to see you there!

Join the Society today!

Your favorite character

I just posted this as the weekly discussion topic over at creativefantasy, and since we're all working on projects at the moment I'd thought it would be something interesting to ask here as well. I've found that talking about various aspects of your story with other people really helps to spark ideas if you're stuck, too.

So my question is this: which character that you're writing now is your favorite? Why?

Some additional questions to spark discussion: Was this character inspired by anyone or anything? If there was one question you could ask this character, what would it be? Do you have any rants about this character? How do you think this character compares to your previous characters? Is s/he your absolute favorite ever, or just the favorite in your current project?
This is so cool.

See mine!Collapse )

The tag lines kinda suck, but it's still cool. :-D It's actually for making movie posters, but I left some stuff out so that it could look like a book cover. One of the girls in my in-person writing group emailed me with the link and the one she made attached.

The picture I used wasn't drawn/edited by me. I only wish. Sadly, I have no artistic skills. I found the picture through Google and decided to use it when looking for a picture to use for icons for Caelestis. The girl in the picture comes pretty close to what I have in mind for Lucretia, so there you go.

If you happen to be someone who's read the first chapter of my story/knows the story I'm writing pretty well and can think of a better tag line, let me know? XD

World building help, and a quick side note

I should be in bed right now, but I'll feel a lot better if I can get some ideas on this for tomorrow when I get home from work.

My main character is basically...the leader (temporarily, as far as she's concerned) of the Sky Empire, which has maybe three clans in it. Hers is kinda like the ruling clan of the empire, and she's the leader because her uncle was the leader but he's (probably) dead and his sons are off...on the moon!

So, what I need is a term to call her. She's not a princess or queen, really, but the people will more than likely address her as "Your Highness," out of respect. Right now I just have some made up word for it, but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for the term that could be her title.

As far as the character goes, I've described her as standing tall and proud, but it's fairly obvious that she has her secrets. So she'd probably be loyal, just, proud, and a strong leader. Hopefully some of that can help you? >.> It doesn't by any means have to be like...an absolutely perfect word. I just don't want to call her 'princess,' 'queen,' or 'empress.'

Any ideas are appreciated.

As for the side note, would you guys be alright with me making a post every few days for word counts? That way I don't have to worry about getting it posted -every- day, and just every few days?

The only alternative I can think of is if I don't get one posted by, say, 12:00 noon EST, someone else can post it.

Cross posted, with modifications, to my LJ and scribedenigma.

Daily word count- day three

Since I'm up early enough, I figured I'd get this posted now. Tell us what your word count is for day three in this entry before midnight in your time zone.

Technically I have a few words but I feel like I should start over at 0 again. I don't like the actual writing, I guess. I'm just not feeling it. I think it's partially due to the fact that I'm going into this with...what's a good way to phrase it? One eye closed, I guess. Not really a good way to phrase it, but basically I'm not feeling as confident about it, and part of that is due to the lack of most of a plot.

So...yeah. :| That's my story. Unfortunately I don't really know how much writing I'm going to get done this weekend, but we'll see. I've already fallen really behind.

Daily word count- days 1 and 2

Work and real life decided to kick me in the butt both yesterday and today, and made it so that I couldn't even get any writing done for MY SW. x.x

Which ended up meaning that I ended up not getting the word count post up like I had promised.

So, here it is.

What's your word count for both day one and day two?

Mine is 0. Hoping to amend that later after I have food in my stomach and a nap. And probably a shower, since apparently that is my main spot of inspiration.

Daily word count post

Okay, guys. Here's your first daily word count post.

Here is a link to a good word count widget, if you don't have one already.

If you want, you guys can go ahead and post excerpts or links to where your excerpts are or...whatever. Either that, or I'll make a post later tonight for daily excerpts.

Actually, here are some choices:

1. You guys post your excerpts on your own, linking to the entries they're in or just putting the entire thing in an entry to the community

2. I make a daily excerpt post from now on, and in that post you guys comment with the excerpts and any links to the entry it's posted at or whatever.

You guys decide which would be best for you or...whatever.

I currently have no word count because I tried to start last night, didn't like what I was writing, and went to bed. And now I won't get to work on it until tonight.

Adopt-an-opening sentence/paragraph!

I'm currently NOT liking the way my story is starting, so I was hoping you guys could help me out.

Basically, it's the same thing as on the NaNo boards. You leave an opening sentence/paragraph for someone to use- it can be random- and if you like one someone leaves, you tell them you're taking it. Since this is a fantasy community, it should be along the lines of that.

Remember, the experts tell us to start with action pretty much immediately, if that'll help. Action and dialogue are your best bets.

For example (and not from my story), just something I randomly thought up:

A lone figure stood upon a cliff overlooking a blue ocean that stretched out for miles, touching the setting sun. He listened to the sound of the rushing waves and a soft smile came to his lips.

She always loved the ocean, he thought.

It by no means has to be perfect, just something that might help to inspire others!

Less Than One Hour US EST!

Name you go by: Morgan
Age: 21
Do you have a writing community/journal you're using for summerwrite? I have a seperate website and blog for my progress here.
-Is it public, or friends only? Public. ^^

Give a brief summary of what your summerwrite project is about: Catori No-Name is striking out on eir own for the first time since receiving Two-Spirit status from eir tribe. Following clues that only ey can hear, and a destiny that's written in the bones of the souls ey buries, Catori ends up embroiled in more intrigue and romance than ey'd ever intended -- and with more than one human pet.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to your writing? Middles and ends. Once things hit the center of a piece, I tend to get frustrated and blocked. ^^;;

What would you say you're the best at when it comes to your writing? Strong characters are something that I consider my biggest strength, as well as 'twists' in the plots.

Anything else you'd like us to know? I'm going to be trying this while working on my other two weekly serials, so I'm going to have to work extra hard to not get distracted by shiny new plots.